Why you should know your metabolic rate

Why you should know your metabolic rate

Metabolism is the process, where calories in food and beverages are combined with oxygen to release the energy your body needs to function. This process of energy production is vital to sustain every aspect of life, and consequently is an important component of your health.

Your metabolism is as unique as your fingerprint and is affected by factors such as age, body composition, hormone function, physical activity levels and diet. Therefore, understanding your metabolism – how your body produces and consumes energy – is key to improving your overall health and wellbeing, not only your weight.

In my clinic I use a technology called Indirect Calorimetry to assess the metabolic health of patients. This technology comes straight out of research and was previously only available to elite athletes and researchers.

Metabolic health testing with Indirect Calorimetry allows:

  • To perform a valid, reliable and accurate assessment of a patient’s metabolic profile
  • To classify a patient’s metabolism as slow, normal or fast
  • To determine a patient’s use of glucose or fat to generate energy
  • To determine the success or failure of a treatment regime to correct energy imbalance

Resting Metabolic Rate measurement

The test involves breathing at rest through a special mouthpiece that is connected to a machine which measures breath composition. The test takes between 5 and 8 minutes. Information gathered includes daily energy requirement at rest in calories, how this energy is being produced (whether from fat or carbohydrate), and the efficiency with which cells use oxygen for energy production.

The information is used to discuss a plan and daily calorie target that is unique for every individual patient. The test can also monitor whether the nutritional changes result in a switch in energy production (e.g. from carbs to fat in someone who wishes to lose weight). The switch in metabolism can be detected before any visible weight loss, and provides reassurance that the actions taken are working.

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